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Alien Observer.com's purpose is to provide human beings resources to explore and eventually explain the alien and UFO enigma that has enveloped this small part of the galaxy.

We’ve got UFO facts and photos, text files relating to UFOs and aliens, links to other UFO, alien, and paranormal web sites. Find information on the Roswell Crash, alien autopsy, crop circles around the globe and much more! Report your UFO sightings here and share your experiences with others in the forum.

It would be easy for me to tell you that beings are visiting this planet, performing various cattle mutilations, abductions or helping our government take over the world, etc. You see where I'm going. But I'm not going to tell you such things, as I believe when presented facts and/or fiction you will decide what is truth to you.

So, please enjoy the site and feel free to send comments. They are most welcome.

Chris S. Davis


Alien Observer is not responsible for the accuracy of the articles found within its site which are not written by Chris S. Davis. Alien Observer is not responsible for any information found within the web sites to which we link.

All information provided within Alien Observer is for your entertainment, as well as, a convenient aid for your ongoing research into the topics of Paranormal Activity, focusing in Aliens and UFO. The intentions of Alien Observer is to provide you with an extensive, yet impartial view of these subjects.

Alien Observer can not comfirm the accuracy of any files, within the topics covered, as being factual. It is for you alone to decide whether the information found within is believable or not.

If you see an article of yours or your colleagues, and your name(s) does not appear as the credited author(s) or source(s), please email me at your earliest convenience.

If you wish to have that article(s) removed, it will be deleted within 24 hours of notification. An email will then be sent to you acknowledging this action.

If you will kindly allow your article to remain on this site, proper credit will be given to you as the author and source within 24 hours of notification. An email will then be sent to you acknowledging this action.

These articles have been acquired through various mailing lists, newsgroups, personal email contacts, and other on-line resources.

The Alien Observer web site is owned and maintained by:
Chris S. Davis

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